Holidaying at Côte d’Azur – in pictures

When you live in Paris, you can easily do things like plan a quick getaway to the French Riviera. This is exactly what I did in the autumn of September 2015. I took the 7.00 am 6-hour high speed TGV train from Gare de Lyon, which is quite cost-effective and comfortable. An added benefit of taking the train is the Pret A Manger at the station where I had a hearty breakfast of tomato cheese croissant, fruit salad and cafe mocha. Who likes to travel on an empty stomach after all?

I stayed at the most French, most quaint and most beautiful apartment ever, which I discovered thanks to Airbnb. That it was just five minutes walking distance from Gare de Cannes greatly added to its appeal.

L-R: My bedroom, outside which is a passage connecting the rest of the home
Beautiful pieces of furniture, like this chest of drawers, adorned the space
Wallpapered wall
Statement wall in my bedroom. Look at that frame!
Kitchen wall
The kitchen: the owners, an elderly couple, loved cooking. Who wouldn’t if they were surrounded by such gorgeous objets d’art?
A quiet corner to read in while the cat plays at your feet. This really happened.
Drawing room
The grand drawing room. I didn’t want to leave this apartment.
Dining room
The dining room, with the bathroom in corner left just behind that partition. Look at this and tell me you aren’t in love with it.

I covered substantial ground during the 4 days I was there: Eze, Nice, Antibes, St. Paul’s, Monaco (Monte Carlo, specifically) and Villefranche-sur-Mer. It is a good idea to keep Cannes as a base because one can visit many nearby cities quite easily. You can either go East towards Nice, Monaco and onwards to Italy, or go West and cover St. Tropez, Marseille to move towards Montpellier.


rue Meynadier
The famous rue Meynadier is bustling with tourists, creperies and souvenir shops.
Le Vieux Port
The Old Quarter of Cannes as seen from Le Vieux Port. I walked all the way from here to the top of that hill, to the cathedral you see up there.
Moi. PS. I love my Mellow Yellow sandals!
View from the top
The view from the top: Old Quarter, Le Vieux Port and Promenade de la Croisette in the distance
Nooks and crannies
Nooks and crannies: Can you imagine living here?
La Plage Baoli
After walking around all morning, I settled myself at La Plage Baoli where I spent the rest of the day reading, eating and drinking beer under the sun.
Sand in my feet
Look at how clean the water is? Le sigh.


Version 2
I won’t say anything


Version 2
Stunning views everywhere you look


Chateau Eza
Eze is the favourite part of my trip. This is an actual hotel in the village. Next time I am definitely staying at Eze.
Chillin’ like the statue
Version 2
Alleys like these abound, you never know whether you will come across a shop, hotel or bar


I first came across Monte Carlo in the books of Agatha Christie when her eccentric character, Hercule Poirot, visits the city. I was absolutely thrilled to actually be there.


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