Chocolate potatochips and more at Rocye’

Nama Livemint
Nama Chocolate (Picture credits: Royce’)

Ten-Second Takeaway

Royce’ is a Japanese origin brand of premium chocolates that is globally renowned for their rich flavours, textures and creativity.

Their beautiful store in Ambience Mall, Vasant Kunj, which I visited, is served by a very knowledgeable, polished staff. They unhesitatingly offer bite-sized samples of all the chocolates you want to try and are adept at describing their flavour and composition. 

What I Tried

Chocolate Potatochip – you have to try it to believe it

Royce’ takes the concept of ‘chocolate chip’ to a whole new level, quite literally at that. Imagine chocolate. Then imagine a crinkled potato chip (not unlike Uncle Chipps in appearance). Now put them together and you come up with their signature Potatochip Chocolate. It is essentially a potato chip coated with chocolate on one side. The saltiness of the potato chip juxtaposed with the milky, sweet chocolate coating makes for a very unusual taste that leaves you wanting more.

Nama Chocolate is another signature product that comes in a range of flavours such as Milk (Au Lait), White or Ghana Bitter. The emphasis of the Nama range is on its melt-in-the-mouth texture – chocolate so smooth and creamy that it simply glides down your throat, but not before treating your gustatory sensors to an explosion of flavour. The chocolate is dusted with cocoa powder. It comes in a square box with rectangle-cut pieces of chocolate (20 per box).

Worth Mentioning

It is worth noting that Royce’ places a clear emphasis on packaging that serves a practical purpose yet is elegant – all Nama Chocolate boxes, in addition to being multi-layered, are encased in a thermal bag in which they also place a frozen gel packet. Its objective is to ensure that the chocolate is kept at 10 degrees, the optimum temperature for storing the chocolate, till you put it in your fridge. All this is given at no extra cost. I know all this because their staff explained it to us.

It is very heartening to see that brands go the extra mile to ensure that their customers are given the best possible experience, whether it is through the product that is outstanding in itself or through the staff that is well trained and polite.

The store has a very calming atmosphere. True to its Japanese sensibilities, the display is elegant and minimal.

Must Eat

Chocolate Potatochip
Name Chocolate

What I Loved

The whole experience of buying chocolate is spectacular. You feel like lingering, trying everything patiently while you decide which chocolates to buy. There are lovely packaging options for gifting, including a special box designed by Nappa Dori in a gorgeous combination of red and black.

[[An edited version of this article appeared in Little Black Book Delhi. You can read that story here.]] 


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