Tout arrive en France – at least gastronomically


French vegetarian food has never tasted better. Read on to know more about my culinary adventure at Le Bistro du Parc, which, in my opinion, is one of Delhi’s topmost French restaurants.

I went well prepared

First off, good decision on my part to wear a dress instead of jeans to mark Goût de France (read about it here) at Le Bistro Du Parc, New Delhi. After all, there is a high probability that a 4-course lunch (which includes champagne) may leave you feeling like somewhat this: 


Ate too much
I feel you, Snoopy!

Anyway, revenons à nos moutons !

I had only become interested in French cuisine after living in Paris. I loved how the French use fresh, local produce to cook marvellous dishes, with some of the most unusual (for me) pairings of food that left my taste buds feeling gobsmacked and gratified. On top of everything else, they plated it so beautifully that I often felt like I am eating an objet d’art.

How Le Bistro du Parc came into the picture

When I learnt that this quaint bistro had a special menu for Goût de France, I instantly made a lunch reservation.

So, on the windy afternoon of March 21, I found myself sitting at a table, alone, in true French style, waiting expectantly for the food to arrive.


I chose the vegetarian menu, of course.  

A smiling waiter served me water and put a breadbasket and butter in front of me. Instantly, my heart did a summersault – because FRENCH BREAD! 


I think I was so swept in by the whole French gastronomie atmosphere that I expected it to taste just like the bread they serve in much of France. But it did not. I did not let that deter me, however.

To whet my appetite, I was served an amuse-bouche – Watermelon and Berry Coulis. I could not have accurately guessed its ingredients if my life depended on it, but to me it seemed like cream cheese (or was it chevré?) atop a piece of watermelon, topped with berry coulis.


Over a glass of  chilled champagne, I mulled over the nuttiness of the cheese (or was it herby?), the cool crispiness of the watermelon and the blink-and-miss berry coulis. And if you asked me to identify the green leafy sliver adornment on the top, I can only say: je ne sais pas.

Le Déjeuner Arrive 

Which brings me to the entrée – Buckwheat (kuttu) Waffles, Avocado, Tomato Confit.


Mon dieu, what an explosion of flavours in my mouth.  For me, the star of this dish was the tomato confit. The baby tomatoes were tender, flavoured to perfection with garlic and balsamic vinegar. The slight drizzle of pesto sauce and thick-cut tomatoes (at the base) beautifully offset the waffles.

The main course was Lemon Ricotta Walnut Ravioli in Lemon Sauce. The pasta itself was brilliant but I was not very impressed with the sauce or filling. I found it to be too heavy.



By this time, I was fairly full and the champagne was making me drowsy. Who knew that the pièce de résistance was yet to arrive?

I was woken out of my near-slumber when the waiter served the Fondant au Chocolat. A humungous chocolate fondant sat majestically in the middle of the plate, surrounded with splashes of raspberry and caramel sauces.


You know that feeling when you have the new Harry Potter book in your hands on day one of its release? That’s how this dessert made me feel. Merci beacoup, madame Naïna de Bois-Juzan and team, for such a lovely meal and experience. 

In the end, I ambled out of the bistro very content and bursting to the seams. The dress was a good choice after all.




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