Boozy Brunches and Party Props

Chandon header copy
The e-invite

Valentine’s Day 2016 will be quite a memorable one for me.

No, the love of my life didn’t pop The Question, but I did attend the Chandon Disco Brunch with Food Talk India at Ek Bar.

Friends & moi - Chandon DB.JPG
Thanks to the Polaroid-toting photographer, I now have a memory for life. Paper rules (:


  • The event proposition – They promised Small Plates. Bold Beats and endless flutes of Chandon bubbles!” and boy, they delivered. Across all counts.
  • The endless flutes… – The sparkling wine was free flowing alright, and I almost felt bad for the bartenders who had to deal with a constant flurry of requests from all over the bar. You go, Chandon!
Wedges - Chandon DB
Golden-brown, fried to perfection – I loved these wedges and the Rosé cocktail
  • The small plates – So many vegetarian options..yay! My favourite were the potato wedges, of all things. The last time I had such crisp, flavourful wedges was at….home. Hats off, chef Sujan! ^_^
  • The interiors – If I wanted to see exposed plumbing and bulbs (the prevalent theme for many new restaurants nowadays), I’d visit my building’s basement. But Ek Bar takes it up several notches with its vibrant decor in splendid greens, pinks and golds. I loved the whole retro-kitsch vibe.
  • Big beats – See video below. Enough said!
  • The logistics – I was quite impressed with the way it was organised: right from the lady at the entrance validating the guest list quickly and efficiently, to the founders of Food Talk India personally attending to the guests.
  • Party props – For the first time in my life, I had fun posing with sparkly hats and bow ties. Thankfully there were none of those mushy-mush Valentine-themed red hearts and teddies (blech).
Loo sign - Chandon DB
A sign in the ladies’ room
  • Unexpected reunions – Bumped into two friends from school and college, whom I had not met in 10 and 5.5 years respectively. God, I feel old. I need more Chandon. Oh wait, that is why I had that fifth glass. 


  • Slow service – Ok, I get that the place was teeming with people, but I am guessing that the organisers would have accounted for that. On our table, we barely got served 2 portions of (non veg) food for the first 2 hours we were there. Whatever happened to #welovevegetarians (hint hint!)??!
  • Timings – We were having such a gala time, I wish they didn’t have to down the shutters by 5.00 pm. WE WANT MORE CHANDON! 


Update: I originally published this post in February 2016 on my previous blog.


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